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Should you try lash tinting?

Beautiful LadyDo you feel your lashes are invisible without mascara?  If so, why don’t you try eye lash tinting? It is a quick, safe and painless procedure. There are a variety of colours to choose from and your beautician will advise as to what suits you best.

Mascara isn’t for everyone! Not only is it time consuming, applying it each morning and then removing it nightly but it becomes expensive.  For a very affordable price you too can have your lashes looking luxurious. You will wake every morning looking naturally beautiful and know you will all day long.

Lash tinting

Your eyes are gorgeous and your lashes too but imagine what tinting can do? It will bring out the depth of your eyes, the colour and can define your face even more. Well, you can put on some mascara but who wants to do it when you don’t have to? Tinting is the answer! If you simply can’t find the time to fix your lashes every day, lash tinting is perfect for you. And if you simply can’t stay out of the water, imagine not needing any mascara at all!

Lash tinting is something you should try – it’s definitely worth your time, money and effort. Imagine having the perfect lashes all the time – it can make you feel good about yourself!

Who can benefit from last tinting?

Do any of these looks familiar?

  • You do a lot of sports
  • You are sensitive to make up
  • You want to enhance your look
  • You find applying makeup time consuming.
  • You don’t like mascara because they make your eyes look like a panda
  • You wear contact lenses and you find mascara aggravates your eyes

If you are one of these, lash tinting is for you. Lovely lashes made even lovelier with lash tinting!
Besides, you need to feel pampered and special, right? Eye lash tinting can make you feel good about yourself and give you that confidence boost.

Give Helen a call today at Active Skin Solutions on 0401 590 900 for your entire eye lash tinting needs.