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Make Your Skin Look Younger With Makeup

3 ways to make your skin look younger with makeup!

We all want to look our best and by that, our best means the most youthful version of ourselves. Of course, there are many ways to slow down ageing process such as:
• Eating healthy foods
• Wearing sunscreen protection
• Drinking lots of water
• Having a healthy beauty regimen
• Using quality skin care products
However, for those us who may have missed some on these things, or have gotten a bit much sun in the past; it doesn’t mean it’s too late to make yourself look younger? Makeup is a great way to cover you imperfections and blemishes.

Ways to make your skin look younger with make up

Makeup can trick the eye into seeing things that aren’t always there and is very effective at making you look younger. Be careful because makeup can also make you look older if not applied correctly. Here’s 3 ways to make your skin look younger with makeup:

  1. Choose a foundation that matches your skin colour
    Choosing a foundation with light colour can make your skin look dull and lifeless – like you’ve just bump into a sack of baby powder! If you go too dark, you are dragging your features down making you look a bit older than your actual age. Test out the foundation first, get the right colour and wear a foundation that matches for complexion.
  2. Apply the shade blush on the apple of your cheek
    Adding blush on your cheek duplicates the rosiness of yesteryears! Make sure you add the shade blush on the right spot – in the apple of your cheek, not too low as it can make your face look sagging. Also, don’t forget to use the right colour, otherwise, it can wash you out making you look older.
  3. Use concealer to minimise crow’s feet
    Crow’s feet usually are darker in colour and angle downward. Use the right shade of concealer, apply it in an upward motion to create the illusion of younger eyes and minimise crow’s feet appearance.
    Using these tips will make it easier for you to apply makeup that will make you look younger than you actually are – make sure you do it properly and take years off your face!
    Need some help with your makeup tips?

Less is more…. Come in and let me teach you to apply your make-up to give you a young, fresh, natural look.
1½ Hours Lesson $85
Book your makeup lesson or want to buy some gorgeous makeup call Helen at Active Skin Solutions on
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