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List of acne fighting foods

acnePesky pimples are no fun!

While some girls are lucky to have healthy, glowing skin, others have to deal with acne related problems. Apart from genes, having a healthy skin is all about having a healthy diet.

Got acne? A bad nutrition might be blame for it. For acne breakouts, you can easily visit your salon and ask about acne treatments.

Please take note, you will need to change your bad eating habits as well.

Your skin is what you eat

You are what you eat – so is your skin. What you eat will reflect on your skin, so it’s safe to say that eating healthy means having a healthy skin too. Did you know that there are certain foods that have properties known to fight acne? You can satisfy your hunger and at the same time – get a healthy skin.

healthy foodsHere are some lists of foods known to fight acne:

  • Omega fatty acid rich food. They are known to give your skin an instant glow. They also help in reducing inflammation so if you have blemishes, they won’t appear quite so red. A good example of this food includes salmon, flax seeds and walnuts.
  • Antioxidant filled food. Antioxidants are good for your overall health as well as your skin. It attacks free radicals inside your body that cause skin damage and breakouts. Food like cherries, spinach, berries and green tea is rich in antioxidants.
  • Vitamin C rich food. Foods rich in Vitamin C helps activate your body’s healing power and also boosts your immune system. It helps protects your skin from acne scarring. Foods like melons, oranges, strawberries and tomatoes are loaded with Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin E rich food. Vitamin E gives your skin a healthy glow plus it protects it from scarring. This category includes foods like soybeans, almonds, leafy greens and eggs.
  • High water content foods. Foods like watermelons, parsley and cucumbers are great to eat because they have a high water content. Remember, drinking water is the golden rule for having a healthy glowing skin.

beautiful womanAcne fighting food

Does your favourite food make it to the list?

Get that healthy glowing skin, try to include this food in your daily meal and you’ll see the results. For a healthy skin care regimen, contact Active Skin Solutions. We can give you a routine that will fit your skin’s needs and lifestyle. Ring Helen today on 0401 590 900 to book your appointment today!