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37 Osmetti Drive, Kalgoorlie,
0401 590 900

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IMAGE Skincare Facials

Your skin will be fully analysed before your facial and at the end of every treatment you will receive a full prescription that has been designed & customised for your skin’s needs.
As we strive to repair your skin, you will learn how to maintain the results at home.

IMAGE Signature Facial $100

Recommended for Ageing, Dry/De-Hydrated, Smokers, Dull/Tired Skin
This impressive facial delivers a cleansing and invigorating vitamin
infused treatment that tightens, lightens, brightens and delivers
nourishing hydration that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and
Image Skincare Beautiful skin starts with healthy skinrenewed – definitely gives a WOW result.

Ormedic Facial $80

Recommended for Hormonally Unbalanced Skins i.e. Pregnancy, Teens and Menopausal Skin Types.
The most sensitive skin types will benefit from this soothing, yet highly
effective organic cocktail of essential oils, botanical extracts and
medical grade peptides to deliver the maximum restoration to tired,
dull unbalanced skin. This facial restores the balance of the skin by
combining organic ingredients with medical effectiveness.

Teen Acne Facial $80

Recommended for Oil, Acne and Acne Prone Skin Types
A result driven facial designed to immediately treat all forms of acne
and oily, congested skin types. Salicylic Acid, enzymes, retinol and
benzoyl peroxide synergistically work to effectively dissolve excess oils
and superficial blemishes. The results you can expect from this facial are
a refreshed, healthy, beautiful, oil free skin in just one treatment.Image Skincare Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin

The Max Facial $80

The ultimate Anti-Ageing and Hydrating Facial are recommended for All Skin Types and especially Ageing, Dry and Dehydrated Skins.
This progressive exfoliating treatment containing the most advanced fusion of ingredients including plant derived stem cells, peptides, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and new sophisticated forms of Vitamin C all work together to provide the ultimate correction, prevention and nutrition to even the most neglected skins. Drench your skin in luxurious hydration to receive the ultimate in anti-ageing prevention.

All facials include an exfoliating scrumptious lip treatment followed by a luxurious revitalising,
hydrating eye treatment.

Lip Treatment without a facial $30
Eye Treatment without a facial $45

Book your appointment with Helen at Active Skin Solutions on 0401 590 900 because healthy skin is beautiful skin.