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Skin Care

How often should you get a facial?

Image Skincare Beautiful skin starts with healthy skinYou just have the best time of your life and experienced your first facial treatment. It’s an hour of pampering bliss. You walk out feeling good and you feel your face glowing! All you keep thinking about is booking your next appointment. While your beautician is happy to book you in, they might tell you to reschedule your appointment.

Why is that? The period of time between facials is not that is standard for everyone.When it comes to facials – we are all very different. The frequency of having a facial treatment depends on a few factors which include:

  • Skin type
  • Age
  • Environment
  • Skin care goals

Read more about Factors that affects how often you should get a facial here.

When is your next facial then?

The general recommendation for a facial treatment is once every three to four weeks. This is the best time to get another facial as this is the time when your skin has reached its full cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation. Having a facial during this time can help the process. As a result, it can give you a more toned and clearer skin. In other words, having one facial every 3-4 weeks can help you maintain that beautiful glow all month long.

Find a skincare expert!

A monthly facial is fine –with a skin care expert that you trust. You should find a skin care expert with a good reputation. Apart from taking care of your skin, your beautician can help you establish how frequently you should get a facial. She will carefully look at your skin type, age and your environment as well. The trained beautician will design a facial treatment tailored to your own needs.

You haven’t decided where to get your first facial? When in Kalgoorlie, contact Active Skin Solutions. Let us pamper you! We are your skin care experts and our experienced staff can attend to your skin needs. We love making you beautiful, ring us now and schedule your facial appointment today!


3 tricks to instantly get rid of a shiny face

MakeupDo you love to party? Go with friends for a weekend getaway? Whatever you prefer doing, one thing is for sure, you want to have that perfect face without the shine!  You don’t want a shiny face to be the first thing people notice, right? The problem is, you’ll never know when or where unwanted shine will strike.  Chances are you’ll be caught off guard.

Shiny face no more!

Oh no! Your presentation will start in a minute and your face looks shiny. You know you can’t carry on without making yourself look better. After all, doesn’t your appearance affect the success of your presentation? Well, here are a few tricks for you to instantly get rid of that shiny face!

No makeup? No problem. You don’t have any makeup on hand to temper your t-zone? Use a tissue to blot your face. The fiber in the lightweight tissue will absorb the oil on your skin. It may not seem glamorous but it will control the damage straight away.

On the go? Carry a compact powder with you all the time. A compact powder doesn’t just instantly get rid of your shiny face but is also a perfect size to throw in your purse. It always pays to be ready; you’ll never know when you will need to use your compact powder.

Make primers your best friend! Primers are a must have. They will act as barrier for those who are sensitive to sunscreen and can reduce fine lines and pores size while keeping your face oil free.

Light should be reflected on mirrors and other shiny surface, not on your face! Keep an oil free face in an instant with these 3 tricks!

Need more information or to discuss your skin please contact Helen at Active Skin Solution Beauty Salon  on 0401 590 900.


What are the skin care treatments offered by Active Skin Solutions?

Image Skincare Beautiful skin starts with healthy skinWash, renew, rejuvenate and magically you have healthy skin.  If only it was that easy, but like any other beauty regimen, having healthy skin requires a lot of effort and discipline. With our busy lifestyles, it’s difficult to maintain healthy skin – stress from work, unhealthy eating habits, not enough sleep all contribute to sagging and dry skin.

What to do?

Skin care is very important; having healthy skin ensures you look beautiful. Yes, beauty and skin care go hand in hand.  Having good skin care habits or routines will contribute to younger looking skin.  Have you been stressed lately and can’t find enough time for your skin routine? Don’t worry; here at Active Skin Solutions, we have the answer to your skin problems.

Beauty skin care is not just a facial issue – it should cover your skin from head to toe
and Active Skin Solutions know that.
Some of the skin care treatments offered at Active Skin Solutions are:Beautiful Lady

  • IMAGE Resurfacing Treatment – This procedure targets both dry skin and oily skin, wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage skin.
  • OrmedicLift – This is perfect if you have a hormone imbalance. It helps restore your skin and soothe it, giving you a healthy glow.
  • Signature Face Lift – Best for sensitive skin because it uses gentle, yet effective,products that tighten and lighten your skin in just one treatment.
  • Lightening Lift – Good for uneven skin tone.
  • Wrinkle Lift, Level 1 and 2 – This is a treatment suitable for aging skin. It exfoliates dead skin cells, giving your skin a younger, radiant glow.
  • Acne Lift,Level 1 and 2 – This is safe for acne prone skin. It treats acne while making your skin smooth and young.

Skin care treatments offered by Active Skin Solutions.

Give you skin a break. A little skin care will go a long way and give your skin a healthy glow. Let your skin shine with our skin care treatments.

Contact Helen on 0401 590 900 and book your appointment. Reservations are filling up fast, make sure you reserve yours early!


List of acne fighting foods

acnePesky pimples are no fun!

While some girls are lucky to have healthy, glowing skin, others have to deal with acne related problems. Apart from genes, having a healthy skin is all about having a healthy diet.

Got acne? A bad nutrition might be blame for it. For acne breakouts, you can easily visit your salon and ask about acne treatments.

Please take note, you will need to change your bad eating habits as well.

Your skin is what you eat

You are what you eat – so is your skin. What you eat will reflect on your skin, so it’s safe to say that eating healthy means having a healthy skin too. Did you know that there are certain foods that have properties known to fight acne? You can satisfy your hunger and at the same time – get a healthy skin.

healthy foodsHere are some lists of foods known to fight acne:

  • Omega fatty acid rich food. They are known to give your skin an instant glow. They also help in reducing inflammation so if you have blemishes, they won’t appear quite so red. A good example of this food includes salmon, flax seeds and walnuts.
  • Antioxidant filled food. Antioxidants are good for your overall health as well as your skin. It attacks free radicals inside your body that cause skin damage and breakouts. Food like cherries, spinach, berries and green tea is rich in antioxidants.
  • Vitamin C rich food. Foods rich in Vitamin C helps activate your body’s healing power and also boosts your immune system. It helps protects your skin from acne scarring. Foods like melons, oranges, strawberries and tomatoes are loaded with Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin E rich food. Vitamin E gives your skin a healthy glow plus it protects it from scarring. This category includes foods like soybeans, almonds, leafy greens and eggs.
  • High water content foods. Foods like watermelons, parsley and cucumbers are great to eat because they have a high water content. Remember, drinking water is the golden rule for having a healthy glowing skin.

beautiful womanAcne fighting food

Does your favourite food make it to the list?

Get that healthy glowing skin, try to include this food in your daily meal and you’ll see the results. For a healthy skin care regimen, contact Active Skin Solutions. We can give you a routine that will fit your skin’s needs and lifestyle. Ring Helen today on 0401 590 900 to book your appointment today!

How to have great skin this summer

beachWe love everything about summer – days are longer, and it seems like there’s a barbecue or pool party happening most weekends. Is your skin ready for more sun exposure? Warm weather is fun, but it can also wreak havoc on your skin. The weather is lovely, but you need to find a beauty routine that can give you protection against the summer sun.

Enjoy the summer with great skin!

You don’t need to shy away from the sun – a simple skin care routine can do the trick. Here are some things you should follow to protect your skin and to make sure you have the best summer ever.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Ladies, time to drink your water!We know this is common knowledge, but most of us are ignoring it. Water can help your skin stay dehydrated amidst the sun’s heat. It will also help your skin moisturise from the inside. Plus, with enough water, say goodbye to chapped lips!

Exfoliate, replenish and nourish

Look for a product that offers all of these. A warm beauty regimen would not be complete without having a product that allows you to have healthy glowing skin! It should exfoliate impurities, replenish your skin leaving a silky, smooth finish. Ask Helen at Active Skin Solutions Beauty salon for her advice and recommendations.

Image Skincare Beautiful skin starts with healthy skinDon’t forget the SPF!

If there’s a downside to summer, it is sunburn! Sunburn can cause peeling, dryness and worse, can lead to skin cancer not to mention that it gives off a tingling sensation that is painful, to say the least! Save your skin this summer by applying SPF every time you leave the house because the sunburn only ages your skin – resulting in sun spots and blemishes in later years.

How to have great skin this summer

For an effective skin care regimen and routine you can use all year round, contact Active Skin Solutions. Helen is a skin expert and will give you a skin routine tailored to your very own needs. Ring Helen today at 0401 590 900 to book your appointment.

IMAGE Skin Care pack this Christmas


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It’s the time of the year again! Is your skin ready for the holiday season?

Have you been looking for the right skincare brand for years now? Well, look no further – choose IMAGE Skin Care. Image Skin care products are colour coded for each skin condition which makes it easier to use.

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How often should you be washing your face?

Beautiful LadyWashing your face seems like an easy task. In fact, for most of us, it didn’t seem like a chore at all but rather, a habit that you do every day. However, have you ever asked yourself if you are washing your face enough? Or if you have been washing too much? Washing your face too much or too little can lead to a variety of skin problems such as:

  • Over drying
  • Irritation and
  • Acne breakouts

To maintain your very best appearance and keep your skin healthy, it is important to know the number of times necessary to wash your face daily. While you think that washing your face too often can make your face cleaner, it’s not. It can actually strip your face of its natural moisture. Remember, some things can never be too clean, but your face is not one of these things.

Wash your face just right!

So how many times should you wash your face in a day? Where should you draw the line between the right amount of washing and what would be considered as over washing?Generally, twicea day (one in the morning and one at night) is recommended. It’s enough to take off the dirt and makeup traces on your face. However, there are factors that will affect the frequency of washing your face, such as the type skin you have and your lifestyle.

Type of skin

People with oily skin type should wash their face less often compared to people with a drier skin. Excessive washing on oily skin can strip your face of oil, which can cause your skin to produce more oil. On the other hand, people with drier skin are required to wash at least twice times a day, to remove the dirt and debris on your skin pores so your skin can breathe properly.


Do you do play sport? Chances are, you might have signed up for an afternoon workout so you may tend to wash your face three times. In the morning, after your workout and before retiring to bed.

How often should you be washing your face?

To keep your skin at its best, consult a skin expert. When in Kalgoorlie, contact Active Skin Solutions. Our skin care experts will come up with a skin care treatment and maintenance plan, tailored to your needs. For lovely skin, ring us today and book your appointment.

What makes your skin look and appear unhealthy?

Image Skincare Beautiful skin starts with healthy skinA lot of women share the same dilemma – skin care problems.

Whether you have healthy skin or not, you need to have a proper skin care routine that you can complete daily in order to maintain or correct your skin problems. To make sure your skin gets the pampering and care it deserves, you first need to know what contributes to having unhealthy skin.

Your skin, like any other part of your body needs care and to make sure you are not triggering acne breakouts and skin dehydration. Here are the things that you should avoid to get better, healthy looking skin:

Drink more water

Not hydrating your skin: It’s time to drink more water – not only because it is good for your skin but it’s great for your overall health. Drinking 8 glasses of water and applying a moisturising cream can prevent acne breakouts and reduce the sign of aging.

Remove your makeup

Sleeping with your makeup on:This will clog your pores and prevent your skin from breathing. No matter how tired you are, always clean your face before going to bed.

Harsh Cleansers

Using harsh cleansers: This will only strip away natural oils that protect your skin against dirt and other damaging factors. Use mild cleansers instead – they are gentler and still effective.


Not enough sleep: Sleeping allows your skin to repair. Make sure to get enough sleep every day and you’ll wake up to a more fresh looking skin.

Use the correct amount

Thinking that more is better: When it comes to your skin, more is actually worse. More washing, too much cream or too much scrubbing can damage your skin and clog pores.

Correct order

Washing your face at the wrong time: Always wash your face after you have rinsed off your hair products. Some hair products contain pore clogging ingredients. Which when left on your skin for the night or day will damage your skin and not allow it to breathe.

Watch what you eat

Thinking that what you eat only affects your weight: Too many sweets and eating fatty food will not only make you gain an extra weight but will leave your skin looking unhealthy.

What makes your skin look and appear unhealthy?

Your skin will look healthy and fresh – if only you know what to do and what to avoid doing. For all of your skincare problems, contact Active Skin Solutions. We can provide you with different skin care treatments tailored for your individual needs. For a fresher and younger looking face, ring us today for your appointment. Be kind to yourself!

4 common skincare myths you should know!

beautiful womanWe would all love to have great skin; do you really know what is best for you? Whether you like to admit it or not, there are some skin care tips and parts of your routine you keep following because your Mum told you about them, or it’s what your friends are doing! However some common skincare “tips” can keep your skin from looking its best. Identifying the myths from the truth is essential in keeping your skin young and healthy.

Here are the most common skin care myths:

Skin should feel tight after washing

This is not true – after washing, your skin should feel fresh and supple. If not, you’re probably using a cleanser that contains ingredients that are too abrasive for you. Remember, any soap or cleanser that is too harsh can increase the appearance of fine lines and can even trigger acne break outs because it robs your skin ofits natural oils.

Anti agers could make your skin look worse

Anti agers will bring out the best in your skin – only when applied and used properly. For example, key rejuvenators should only be applied gradually. You can put on the cream once a week and then twice a week, until your skin becomes used to it – only then can you make it your every night routine.

If a product doesn’t work quickly, replace it

Everyone’s skin is different. While a certain product may work and produce early results for your friend, it may react differently with your own skin. Before you decide to replace a product, wait for about 8-10 weeks. Most products with active ingredients will work on everyone – just with varying degrees of success.

After age 40, SPF is pointless

What could be further from the truth, it is even more important. No matter what age you are, you will need a product with SPF protection. Your skin will always be susceptible to sun damage at all ages. Protecting your skin on a daily basis can allow you stop any additional damage and in some cases may even be able to repair previous damage. To safeguard your skin, wear a product with a 30 or more SPF everyday.

4 common skincare myths you should know!

There you go – this should help you keep your skin healthy and young. Need skin care routine advice from the experts?

Visit Active Skin Solutions for all your beauty needs. We offer different beauty services and treatments. Ring us to make an appointment today.

What drinking water actually does for your skin?

waterYour skin contains approx. 64% water (depending on age, gender etc) which makes your skin looks healthy. However, too much heat and exposure to other harmful elements can cause dryness to your skin. This is the main reason why drinking water is necessary for your skin and brain’s health. Drinking plenty of water will keep your whole body healthy.

Why drink water?

You’ve heard it all before – celebrities and models saying that the secret towards their supple, glowing, always camera ready skin is to drink lots of water every day. While this claim might sound simple and easy, it’s true. Yes, drinking a lot of water can make a whole lot difference to your skin. Less water intake can make your skin appear duller, and wrinkles and pores are more prominent.

How water affects your skin

Water makes a big difference in skin’s health. If you think of your skin like a sponge, when the sponge is dry, it contracts, shrivels and becomes rigid making it difficult to bend. Put the sponge in water and it will immediately expand and return to its original shape and size. Just like a sponge, your skin needs that moisture to expand and return to its glowing state. When you drink water, you are refreshing your skin and allowing it to function as it was designed to do and this makes you look healthy and glowing.

By drinking water, your skin will look plumper and the sign of ageing are minimized – pores are less visible and wrinkles are less likely to appear. Isn’t it amazing what a plain drink of water can do to your skin?

Drink more water!

Keeping your skin hydrated all the time can keep your skin look younger and healthy. Every day, aim for 8 – 10 glass of water. Drinking enough water will also improve your general health. Drink your way to more, beautiful and healthy skin – drink water! Remember in hot weather or times of large amounts of exercise, when you are sweating you will need to drive more to replace these losses.

Coffee, tea and alcohol can also dehydrate you.

Hydrating your skin from the outside in

Need some help to hydrate your skin? Hydrating your skin from the outside in is also a great way to combat the stresses of modern life that dry out our skin. IMAGE Resurfacing Treatments are perfect to renew dull, dry and sun damaged skin.

Call Helen at Active Skin Solutions Beauty Salon in Kalgoorlie to make an appointment to refresh your skin.