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3 tricks to instantly get rid of a shiny face

MakeupDo you love to party? Go with friends for a weekend getaway? Whatever you prefer doing, one thing is for sure, you want to have that perfect face without the shine!  You don’t want a shiny face to be the first thing people notice, right? The problem is, you’ll never know when or where unwanted shine will strike.  Chances are you’ll be caught off guard.

Shiny face no more!

Oh no! Your presentation will start in a minute and your face looks shiny. You know you can’t carry on without making yourself look better. After all, doesn’t your appearance affect the success of your presentation? Well, here are a few tricks for you to instantly get rid of that shiny face!

No makeup? No problem. You don’t have any makeup on hand to temper your t-zone? Use a tissue to blot your face. The fiber in the lightweight tissue will absorb the oil on your skin. It may not seem glamorous but it will control the damage straight away.

On the go? Carry a compact powder with you all the time. A compact powder doesn’t just instantly get rid of your shiny face but is also a perfect size to throw in your purse. It always pays to be ready; you’ll never know when you will need to use your compact powder.

Make primers your best friend! Primers are a must have. They will act as barrier for those who are sensitive to sunscreen and can reduce fine lines and pores size while keeping your face oil free.

Light should be reflected on mirrors and other shiny surface, not on your face! Keep an oil free face in an instant with these 3 tricks!

Need more information or to discuss your skin please contact Helen at Active Skin Solution Beauty Salon  on 0401 590 900.


What are the skin care treatments offered by Active Skin Solutions?

Image Skincare Beautiful skin starts with healthy skinWash, renew, rejuvenate and magically you have healthy skin.  If only it was that easy, but like any other beauty regimen, having healthy skin requires a lot of effort and discipline. With our busy lifestyles, it’s difficult to maintain healthy skin – stress from work, unhealthy eating habits, not enough sleep all contribute to sagging and dry skin.

What to do?

Skin care is very important; having healthy skin ensures you look beautiful. Yes, beauty and skin care go hand in hand.  Having good skin care habits or routines will contribute to younger looking skin.  Have you been stressed lately and can’t find enough time for your skin routine? Don’t worry; here at Active Skin Solutions, we have the answer to your skin problems.

Beauty skin care is not just a facial issue – it should cover your skin from head to toe
and Active Skin Solutions know that.
Some of the skin care treatments offered at Active Skin Solutions are:Beautiful Lady

  • IMAGE Resurfacing Treatment – This procedure targets both dry skin and oily skin, wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage skin.
  • OrmedicLift – This is perfect if you have a hormone imbalance. It helps restore your skin and soothe it, giving you a healthy glow.
  • Signature Face Lift – Best for sensitive skin because it uses gentle, yet effective,products that tighten and lighten your skin in just one treatment.
  • Lightening Lift – Good for uneven skin tone.
  • Wrinkle Lift, Level 1 and 2 – This is a treatment suitable for aging skin. It exfoliates dead skin cells, giving your skin a younger, radiant glow.
  • Acne Lift,Level 1 and 2 – This is safe for acne prone skin. It treats acne while making your skin smooth and young.

Skin care treatments offered by Active Skin Solutions.

Give you skin a break. A little skin care will go a long way and give your skin a healthy glow. Let your skin shine with our skin care treatments.

Contact Helen on 0401 590 900 and book your appointment. Reservations are filling up fast, make sure you reserve yours early!


How to have great skin this summer

beachWe love everything about summer – days are longer, and it seems like there’s a barbecue or pool party happening most weekends. Is your skin ready for more sun exposure? Warm weather is fun, but it can also wreak havoc on your skin. The weather is lovely, but you need to find a beauty routine that can give you protection against the summer sun.

Enjoy the summer with great skin!

You don’t need to shy away from the sun – a simple skin care routine can do the trick. Here are some things you should follow to protect your skin and to make sure you have the best summer ever.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Ladies, time to drink your water!We know this is common knowledge, but most of us are ignoring it. Water can help your skin stay dehydrated amidst the sun’s heat. It will also help your skin moisturise from the inside. Plus, with enough water, say goodbye to chapped lips!

Exfoliate, replenish and nourish

Look for a product that offers all of these. A warm beauty regimen would not be complete without having a product that allows you to have healthy glowing skin! It should exfoliate impurities, replenish your skin leaving a silky, smooth finish. Ask Helen at Active Skin Solutions Beauty salon for her advice and recommendations.

Image Skincare Beautiful skin starts with healthy skinDon’t forget the SPF!

If there’s a downside to summer, it is sunburn! Sunburn can cause peeling, dryness and worse, can lead to skin cancer not to mention that it gives off a tingling sensation that is painful, to say the least! Save your skin this summer by applying SPF every time you leave the house because the sunburn only ages your skin – resulting in sun spots and blemishes in later years.

How to have great skin this summer

For an effective skin care regimen and routine you can use all year round, contact Active Skin Solutions. Helen is a skin expert and will give you a skin routine tailored to your very own needs. Ring Helen today at 0401 590 900 to book your appointment.

Book a Facial and Save Kalgoorlie


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IMAGE Skin Care pack this Christmas


Get IMAGE Skin Care pack and SAVE!

It’s the time of the year again! Is your skin ready for the holiday season?

Have you been looking for the right skincare brand for years now? Well, look no further – choose IMAGE Skin Care. Image Skin care products are colour coded for each skin condition which makes it easier to use.

IMAGE skin care has one philosophy: age later. This is why, IMAGE Skin care products are perfect for people who are concerned about ageing skin!  IMAGE Skin Care has something for everyone and is perfect for all skin ages.

Hurry, get your IMAGE Skin Care Pack now!

What are you waiting for? This IMAGE Skin Care pack is your ultimate gift for yourself this holiday season! Or you can give it as a gift to someone dear to you. This doesn’t happen everyday so grab yours now!

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Factors that affect how often you should get a facial

closeupWe all love having healthy, glowing skin! It makes you feel good about yourself. While some may be blessed with healthy skin, some are not. However, it’s not a problem at all because there is nothing that a facial treatment can’t fix. Yes, having beautiful skin is easy to achieve – with the right facial treatment. It’s as if you are naturally born with it!

When to do a facial?

When you discover facials and the effect it has on your skin, you just want to have them as often as possible. As much as you want to have another, straight after your facial treatment, you shouldn’t. There is no perfect facial cycle system you can follow because each facial treatment is unique. It varies from one person to another. Your friend might need a couple of treatments a month while you may be required to have just once a month. Yes, the frequency of facial treatment varies from each person due to several factors.

What are these factors that affect the frequency of your facial treatment?

Below are the list of factors you should know:

Skin type. The frequency of your facial will depend on your skin type. For oily and acne prone skin; you might be required to have a facial more than once a month – until your acne breakout has cleared up. As your skin improves, a visit to your beautician once a month for maintenance is a good idea. For sensitive skin types, once every two months is recommended.

Age. Younger people may require fewer facials because their skin naturally generates new skin cell growth. On the other hand, older people may require tweaking to help stimulate skin cell growth. The older you get, the more regularly you should pay your beautician a visit.

Environment. Where do you live? If you live in an area where there is air pollution, your skin may become dirtier than usual. You might need to be more serious with your once a month facial schedule.

Skincare goal. If you want to have the best skin possible, you need to find a good beautician. Booking regular facials as part of your beauty routine is a must!

Factors that affects how often you should get a facial

For all your facial needs, contact Active Skin Solutions. We have experienced Beautician’s that will cater to your every need and design a facial treatment tailored to suit you. Ring Helen today to schedule your appointment.

Mother’s Day Facial Special

Mother’s Day Facial Special. – Valid until end May

Facial Special by Active Skin Solutions Beauty SalonA Breath of Fresh Skin….
All this for $125….. Normally $245 for the whole Package.

See and feel the difference with our Mother’s Day Facial Package Special to reveal your radiance using Image Skincare, a professional, results driven Skincare line that delivers real results.

Lie back and enjoy 1.5 Hours of the following:
• Facial Steam
• Double Cleanse
• An Intense Exfoliation
• Masque Specifically designed for your skin type
• Lip Scrub and Masque
• A foot and leg massage
• Relaxing half hour back, neck and Shoulder Massage to conclude your treatment.

All this for $125….. Normally $245 for the whole Package.

Book today and save, spoil your Mum or Yourself.
Book now and valid until end of May

Gift vouchers available.

Where to get a great facial in Kalgoorlie?

Image Skincare Beautiful skin starts with healthy skinWhen was the last time you treated yourself with a new relaxing facial?

A facial is a gift to your skin, giving you a healthy glow and lets you get a clear complexion. Getting a facial is a little treat you can give your skin with lasting benefits. Your skin is the largest organ in your body; therefore, it’s important to take care of it.


No matter your age a facial is a must to keep your skin to be in tiptop condition. Sure, washing your face can do well but a facial can give you a really deep cleanse removing excess dirt that is trapped inside your skin. A facial also helps in exfoliating which can help in unclogging your pores. Where to get a great facial in Kalgoorlie, easy visit Active Skin Solutions!

What do we offer?

Active Skin Solutions are a beauty salon in Kalgoorlie offers a range of beauty services and treatments which includes gorgeous facial. Being  your skin care specialist and Active Skin Solutions know how to deal with every type of skin – from dull, dry, to oily skins. Helen strives to repair your skin,then give you some tips on how to keep your skin healthy and maintain the results at home.

Active Skin Solutions have a range of facials including:

IMAGE Signature Facial – recommended for aging, dry, dull and tired looking skin.

Ormedic facial – perfect for hormonally imbalanced skin such as teenagers and expectant mums

Teen acne facial – recommended for oily and acne prone skin

The Max facial – The ultimate anti aging and hydrating facial recommended for any skin type.

Luxury facial –  perfect for an everyday pick me up – your deserve it.

A beautiful skin starts at Active Skin Solutions

Don’t know what type of facial that best suits you? Call Helen on 041 590 900 and book an appointment. We are centrally located at 37 Osmetti Drive, Kalgoorlie.