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Body Wraps

Need to lose weight for Summer!

FormoStar Body Wraps available at Active Skin SolutionsSummer is just around the corner and you want to look your best.

Don’t stressed out? Go to Active Skin Solutions Beauty Salon.

If you have been eating too much when you were stressed, it’s time to change that bad habit of yours! You don’t need food; instead, you need to pamper yourself and the best place to go? Go to Active Skin Solutions Beauty Salon. We are your one stop salon that offers a lot of salon treatments and services that will surely make you feel special.

With have the perfect way to get back in shape for summer, no crazy diets, hours in the gym just relax and read a book.

Really, yes and it is not too good to be true!

Formostar Body Wraps

Struggling to lose weight? Well, you get the biggest surprise of your life because here at Active Skin Solutions, we offer Formostar body wraps, a treatment that aims to help you reduce weight. This is a type of infrared body wrap that uses deep heat treatment to warm your body and skin.

Unlike the traditional body wraps, you don’t need to apply any gel or other sticky substances to your body nor get rid of your clothes. During the procedure, the silicone wraps that contain the heat filament will be applied to several parts of your body such as your chest, hips, stomach or any area of your choice. Once the wraps are applied, the heating starts and you will be asked to lie down and read a good book perhaps?

Formostar body wraps take an hour to finish and after that, you’ll instantly feel good about yourself. Here are the benefits of Formostar body wraps:

·         Lose inches

·         Reduce appearance of cellulite

·         Tighten your skin

·         Lose weight

Formostar body wraps is a good way to lose weight since they don’t require formula or gel application which can be messy. They can be performed with your clothes on which makes it more convenient on your part.

Book your appointment with Helen at Active Skin Solutions Beauty Salon today, call 0401 590 900 and be amazed with the results!