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5 things you need to know about shellac nails

Go30 nails purple wedding by Active Skin Solutions Beauty SalonThe manicure industry is has been buzzing shellac nails for a while now – have you tried them? Shellac nails are a more durable option.

What are shellac nails?

This is a type of nail treatment that is sometimes known as gel manicure. It can last for a month without chips, breaks or the need to be recoated, when looked after correctly. Does this sound too good to be true to you? Well, shellac nails are all this and more!

Start with healthy nails

Shellac nails can be an excellent option for durable nails but you need to start with a healthy nails. If your cuticles and fingernail beds are peeling down, don’t use shellac nails yet, or the finish result will not as long as it should be. It is best if you treat your nail problem first before having shellac nails applied.

When having applying shellac nails, there are things you need to know.

Shellac gel nail last up to a month

Did you know that the best thing about shellac nail is its longevity? They can actually last up to a month! This is because polish is cured with UV light and set hard before you leave the salon.

Practice nail care at home

Yes, shellac nails last longer but it is important that you know how to do some basic nail care at home as it is required to keep your nails healthy and your polish looking good. For example, applying cuticle oil twice a day will keep your nails healthy underneath the pretty colour! Although shellacs are hard they are still prone to damage if you are rough on them, garden can be particular bad for shellacs. This is not to say don’t garden but make sure you wear soft cotton gloves inside your gardening gloves and just be aware if you are doing lots of gardening the life of your shellacs will probably be reduced.

Remove gel polish carefully

When shellac nail starts to break or chip, don’t be tempted to tear or peel it yourself because you might peel away the top layer of your nail. Go back to the salon and have them soaked off to protect your natural nails.

5 things you need to know about shellac nails

What are you waiting for? Book your shellac nail treatment today. When in Kalgoorlie, contact Helen at Active Skin Solutions and get your nails done!


3 tricks to instantly get rid of a shiny face

MakeupDo you love to party? Go with friends for a weekend getaway? Whatever you prefer doing, one thing is for sure, you want to have that perfect face without the shine!  You don’t want a shiny face to be the first thing people notice, right? The problem is, you’ll never know when or where unwanted shine will strike.  Chances are you’ll be caught off guard.

Shiny face no more!

Oh no! Your presentation will start in a minute and your face looks shiny. You know you can’t carry on without making yourself look better. After all, doesn’t your appearance affect the success of your presentation? Well, here are a few tricks for you to instantly get rid of that shiny face!

No makeup? No problem. You don’t have any makeup on hand to temper your t-zone? Use a tissue to blot your face. The fiber in the lightweight tissue will absorb the oil on your skin. It may not seem glamorous but it will control the damage straight away.

On the go? Carry a compact powder with you all the time. A compact powder doesn’t just instantly get rid of your shiny face but is also a perfect size to throw in your purse. It always pays to be ready; you’ll never know when you will need to use your compact powder.

Make primers your best friend! Primers are a must have. They will act as barrier for those who are sensitive to sunscreen and can reduce fine lines and pores size while keeping your face oil free.

Light should be reflected on mirrors and other shiny surface, not on your face! Keep an oil free face in an instant with these 3 tricks!

Need more information or to discuss your skin please contact Helen at Active Skin Solution Beauty Salon  on 0401 590 900.


How often should you be washing your face?

Beautiful LadyWashing your face seems like an easy task. In fact, for most of us, it didn’t seem like a chore at all but rather, a habit that you do every day. However, have you ever asked yourself if you are washing your face enough? Or if you have been washing too much? Washing your face too much or too little can lead to a variety of skin problems such as:

  • Over drying
  • Irritation and
  • Acne breakouts

To maintain your very best appearance and keep your skin healthy, it is important to know the number of times necessary to wash your face daily. While you think that washing your face too often can make your face cleaner, it’s not. It can actually strip your face of its natural moisture. Remember, some things can never be too clean, but your face is not one of these things.

Wash your face just right!

So how many times should you wash your face in a day? Where should you draw the line between the right amount of washing and what would be considered as over washing?Generally, twicea day (one in the morning and one at night) is recommended. It’s enough to take off the dirt and makeup traces on your face. However, there are factors that will affect the frequency of washing your face, such as the type skin you have and your lifestyle.

Type of skin

People with oily skin type should wash their face less often compared to people with a drier skin. Excessive washing on oily skin can strip your face of oil, which can cause your skin to produce more oil. On the other hand, people with drier skin are required to wash at least twice times a day, to remove the dirt and debris on your skin pores so your skin can breathe properly.


Do you do play sport? Chances are, you might have signed up for an afternoon workout so you may tend to wash your face three times. In the morning, after your workout and before retiring to bed.

How often should you be washing your face?

To keep your skin at its best, consult a skin expert. When in Kalgoorlie, contact Active Skin Solutions. Our skin care experts will come up with a skin care treatment and maintenance plan, tailored to your needs. For lovely skin, ring us today and book your appointment.

Waxing Specials – Last days

lovely legsWaxing Specials

Bikini, Underarms, Full Leg

Bikini, Underarm, ½ Leg

Eyebrows, lip and chin

1/2 arm
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Should you try lash tinting?

Beautiful LadyDo you feel your lashes are invisible without mascara?  If so, why don’t you try eye lash tinting? It is a quick, safe and painless procedure. There are a variety of colours to choose from and your beautician will advise as to what suits you best.

Mascara isn’t for everyone! Not only is it time consuming, applying it each morning and then removing it nightly but it becomes expensive.  For a very affordable price you too can have your lashes looking luxurious. You will wake every morning looking naturally beautiful and know you will all day long.

Lash tinting

Your eyes are gorgeous and your lashes too but imagine what tinting can do? It will bring out the depth of your eyes, the colour and can define your face even more. Well, you can put on some mascara but who wants to do it when you don’t have to? Tinting is the answer! If you simply can’t find the time to fix your lashes every day, lash tinting is perfect for you. And if you simply can’t stay out of the water, imagine not needing any mascara at all!

Lash tinting is something you should try – it’s definitely worth your time, money and effort. Imagine having the perfect lashes all the time – it can make you feel good about yourself!

Who can benefit from last tinting?

Do any of these looks familiar?

  • You do a lot of sports
  • You are sensitive to make up
  • You want to enhance your look
  • You find applying makeup time consuming.
  • You don’t like mascara because they make your eyes look like a panda
  • You wear contact lenses and you find mascara aggravates your eyes

If you are one of these, lash tinting is for you. Lovely lashes made even lovelier with lash tinting!
Besides, you need to feel pampered and special, right? Eye lash tinting can make you feel good about yourself and give you that confidence boost.

Give Helen a call today at Active Skin Solutions on 0401 590 900 for your entire eye lash tinting needs.



Make Your Skin Look Younger With Makeup

3 ways to make your skin look younger with makeup!

We all want to look our best and by that, our best means the most youthful version of ourselves. Of course, there are many ways to slow down ageing process such as:
• Eating healthy foods
• Wearing sunscreen protection
• Drinking lots of water
• Having a healthy beauty regimen
• Using quality skin care products
However, for those us who may have missed some on these things, or have gotten a bit much sun in the past; it doesn’t mean it’s too late to make yourself look younger? Makeup is a great way to cover you imperfections and blemishes.

Ways to make your skin look younger with make up

Makeup can trick the eye into seeing things that aren’t always there and is very effective at making you look younger. Be careful because makeup can also make you look older if not applied correctly. Here’s 3 ways to make your skin look younger with makeup:

  1. Choose a foundation that matches your skin colour
    Choosing a foundation with light colour can make your skin look dull and lifeless – like you’ve just bump into a sack of baby powder! If you go too dark, you are dragging your features down making you look a bit older than your actual age. Test out the foundation first, get the right colour and wear a foundation that matches for complexion.
  2. Apply the shade blush on the apple of your cheek
    Adding blush on your cheek duplicates the rosiness of yesteryears! Make sure you add the shade blush on the right spot – in the apple of your cheek, not too low as it can make your face look sagging. Also, don’t forget to use the right colour, otherwise, it can wash you out making you look older.
  3. Use concealer to minimise crow’s feet
    Crow’s feet usually are darker in colour and angle downward. Use the right shade of concealer, apply it in an upward motion to create the illusion of younger eyes and minimise crow’s feet appearance.
    Using these tips will make it easier for you to apply makeup that will make you look younger than you actually are – make sure you do it properly and take years off your face!
    Need some help with your makeup tips?

Less is more…. Come in and let me teach you to apply your make-up to give you a young, fresh, natural look.
1½ Hours Lesson $85
Book your makeup lesson or want to buy some gorgeous makeup call Helen at Active Skin Solutions on
0401 590 900