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For the best nails in Kalgoorlie and how to choose nail polish colour to look fashionable!

Michaela's gel polishWhether you are getting your nails done by a nail salon or at home, you have one tough choice to make – selecting the right nail polish colour. There are just so many colours to choose from, ranging from nude to neon. When choosing a nail polish colour, always consider how it will look on you and the effect it will create.

Nail polish colour by fashion!

When you don’t know what colour to choose, why not go with what’s fashionable? Here’s what you can consider to end up selecting the right nail polish colour that will look fashionable on you!

Choose nail polish according to your outfit

You can either match it up with your outfit or you can use a contrasting colour. This really depends on your preference.

Choose nail polish according to the current season

Bright colours are in trend during summer while darker colours are perfect during winter. Moreover, you can check the fashion trends or magazines which release fashionable colours for each season. You can follow it and match your nail polish to the season’s colour choices.

Consider choosing a nail polish with glitters

Glitter nail polish looks funky and can make your nail polish appear brighter. glittery nailsRemember to match the complexion of your hands when choosing glitters.

Try it because you like it

If you want to try something new, go for it. Do not let colour suggestions restrict you from choosing the colour you like best! Choose a colour that suits your style and personality; don’t be afraid to try new things!

How to choose nail polish colour to look fashionable!

When you want an expert nail technician to help you out, go to Active Skin Solutions. We can give you free advice on what colour selections you should consider. We also offer a range of different style nail treatments including Gorgeous Go30 Nails, Shellacs and Foils.

For the best nails in Kalgoorlie look no further than Active Skin Solutions.

Ring us today and schedule your appointment with us.

5 nail polish mistakes you should know!

Pretty Pink Nails by Active Skin Solutions Beauty SalonGetting your nails done can be easy book your appointment today.

If you don’t want to have your nails done profressionally here are some some common mistakes that people make that can ruin your nails perfect finish and ho to avoid them.

Here are the top 5 nail polish mistakes you should know.

1.Taking a hot shower after applying a polish

Never shower immediately after applying polish. Exposing the polish to heat can cause it to bubble or smudge. Wait an hour or so after a manicure before you take that relaxing shower.

2.Going to bed after a polish

Although nails may appear dry after 20-30 minutes, it really takes up to 24 hours before the polish is fully dry.  If it is late at night and you need to get to bed, wait for the polish to start setting and then run cold water over your hands for about 3 minutes. It can help the polish set a lot faster.

3.Skipping the topcoat

It may seem like a time saver, especially if you are in a hurry but it can cut down on the shiny finish of your nails and can also shorten the life of your polish. For an even longer nail polish life span, apply a new layer of topcoat every other day.

4.Skipping base coat

A base coat smooths the surface of your nail for that flawless finish. It can also prevent the pigments of the nail polish from staining your nails. It’s an extra step but totally worth it!

5.Using one stroke to apply nail polish

One stroke alone cannot cover your entire nail. It’s difficult to get into your nails sidewalls and the cuticle area,but missing these areas can make your nails look unfinished. Apply nail polish to your nails in 3 or 4 strokes. Start in the centre near the cuticle, swipe to the right side, return to the starting point, swipe to the left side, return to the centre and swipe down the middle.

Five nail polish mistakes you should know!

Knowing these mistakes can help you get your nails done right the first time.

Now you can do it yourself but for a real pampering and a lot less fuss get a professional to do it for you.

For all your manicure and pedicure needs, contact Active Skin Solutions. We offer manicure/pedicure services and many other beauty treatments. Ring  today and book your appointment with Helen.

What makes your skin look and appear unhealthy?

Image Skincare Beautiful skin starts with healthy skinA lot of women share the same dilemma – skin care problems.

Whether you have healthy skin or not, you need to have a proper skin care routine that you can complete daily in order to maintain or correct your skin problems. To make sure your skin gets the pampering and care it deserves, you first need to know what contributes to having unhealthy skin.

Your skin, like any other part of your body needs care and to make sure you are not triggering acne breakouts and skin dehydration. Here are the things that you should avoid to get better, healthy looking skin:

Drink more water

Not hydrating your skin: It’s time to drink more water – not only because it is good for your skin but it’s great for your overall health. Drinking 8 glasses of water and applying a moisturising cream can prevent acne breakouts and reduce the sign of aging.

Remove your makeup

Sleeping with your makeup on:This will clog your pores and prevent your skin from breathing. No matter how tired you are, always clean your face before going to bed.

Harsh Cleansers

Using harsh cleansers: This will only strip away natural oils that protect your skin against dirt and other damaging factors. Use mild cleansers instead – they are gentler and still effective.


Not enough sleep: Sleeping allows your skin to repair. Make sure to get enough sleep every day and you’ll wake up to a more fresh looking skin.

Use the correct amount

Thinking that more is better: When it comes to your skin, more is actually worse. More washing, too much cream or too much scrubbing can damage your skin and clog pores.

Correct order

Washing your face at the wrong time: Always wash your face after you have rinsed off your hair products. Some hair products contain pore clogging ingredients. Which when left on your skin for the night or day will damage your skin and not allow it to breathe.

Watch what you eat

Thinking that what you eat only affects your weight: Too many sweets and eating fatty food will not only make you gain an extra weight but will leave your skin looking unhealthy.

What makes your skin look and appear unhealthy?

Your skin will look healthy and fresh – if only you know what to do and what to avoid doing. For all of your skincare problems, contact Active Skin Solutions. We can provide you with different skin care treatments tailored for your individual needs. For a fresher and younger looking face, ring us today for your appointment. Be kind to yourself!

Mother’s Day Facial Special

Mother’s Day Facial Special. – Valid until end May

Facial Special by Active Skin Solutions Beauty SalonA Breath of Fresh Skin….
All this for $125….. Normally $245 for the whole Package.

See and feel the difference with our Mother’s Day Facial Package Special to reveal your radiance using Image Skincare, a professional, results driven Skincare line that delivers real results.

Lie back and enjoy 1.5 Hours of the following:
• Facial Steam
• Double Cleanse
• An Intense Exfoliation
• Masque Specifically designed for your skin type
• Lip Scrub and Masque
• A foot and leg massage
• Relaxing half hour back, neck and Shoulder Massage to conclude your treatment.

All this for $125….. Normally $245 for the whole Package.

Book today and save, spoil your Mum or Yourself.
Book now and valid until end of May

Gift vouchers available.

Waxing Specials – Last days

lovely legsWaxing Specials

Bikini, Underarms, Full Leg

Bikini, Underarm, ½ Leg

Eyebrows, lip and chin

1/2 arm
or full arm
SAVE, book your appointment by ringing Helen on 0401 590 900
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4 common skincare myths you should know!

beautiful womanWe would all love to have great skin; do you really know what is best for you? Whether you like to admit it or not, there are some skin care tips and parts of your routine you keep following because your Mum told you about them, or it’s what your friends are doing! However some common skincare “tips” can keep your skin from looking its best. Identifying the myths from the truth is essential in keeping your skin young and healthy.

Here are the most common skin care myths:

Skin should feel tight after washing

This is not true – after washing, your skin should feel fresh and supple. If not, you’re probably using a cleanser that contains ingredients that are too abrasive for you. Remember, any soap or cleanser that is too harsh can increase the appearance of fine lines and can even trigger acne break outs because it robs your skin ofits natural oils.

Anti agers could make your skin look worse

Anti agers will bring out the best in your skin – only when applied and used properly. For example, key rejuvenators should only be applied gradually. You can put on the cream once a week and then twice a week, until your skin becomes used to it – only then can you make it your every night routine.

If a product doesn’t work quickly, replace it

Everyone’s skin is different. While a certain product may work and produce early results for your friend, it may react differently with your own skin. Before you decide to replace a product, wait for about 8-10 weeks. Most products with active ingredients will work on everyone – just with varying degrees of success.

After age 40, SPF is pointless

What could be further from the truth, it is even more important. No matter what age you are, you will need a product with SPF protection. Your skin will always be susceptible to sun damage at all ages. Protecting your skin on a daily basis can allow you stop any additional damage and in some cases may even be able to repair previous damage. To safeguard your skin, wear a product with a 30 or more SPF everyday.

4 common skincare myths you should know!

There you go – this should help you keep your skin healthy and young. Need skin care routine advice from the experts?

Visit Active Skin Solutions for all your beauty needs. We offer different beauty services and treatments. Ring us to make an appointment today.

Should you try lash tinting?

Beautiful LadyDo you feel your lashes are invisible without mascara?  If so, why don’t you try eye lash tinting? It is a quick, safe and painless procedure. There are a variety of colours to choose from and your beautician will advise as to what suits you best.

Mascara isn’t for everyone! Not only is it time consuming, applying it each morning and then removing it nightly but it becomes expensive.  For a very affordable price you too can have your lashes looking luxurious. You will wake every morning looking naturally beautiful and know you will all day long.

Lash tinting

Your eyes are gorgeous and your lashes too but imagine what tinting can do? It will bring out the depth of your eyes, the colour and can define your face even more. Well, you can put on some mascara but who wants to do it when you don’t have to? Tinting is the answer! If you simply can’t find the time to fix your lashes every day, lash tinting is perfect for you. And if you simply can’t stay out of the water, imagine not needing any mascara at all!

Lash tinting is something you should try – it’s definitely worth your time, money and effort. Imagine having the perfect lashes all the time – it can make you feel good about yourself!

Who can benefit from last tinting?

Do any of these looks familiar?

  • You do a lot of sports
  • You are sensitive to make up
  • You want to enhance your look
  • You find applying makeup time consuming.
  • You don’t like mascara because they make your eyes look like a panda
  • You wear contact lenses and you find mascara aggravates your eyes

If you are one of these, lash tinting is for you. Lovely lashes made even lovelier with lash tinting!
Besides, you need to feel pampered and special, right? Eye lash tinting can make you feel good about yourself and give you that confidence boost.

Give Helen a call today at Active Skin Solutions on 0401 590 900 for your entire eye lash tinting needs.



How to spoil yourself with beauty treatments

MakeupStressed lately? Feeling down? Maybe you don’t know it but you need to relax and take things slowly. When going on a shopping trip seems tiring and watching a movie becomes routine, why not go to your favourite salon and pamper yourself? Spoil yourself with beauty treatments and feel extra special!

Where to go?

When in Kalgoorlie, come to Active Skin Solutions. We are the beauty salon that offers a kind of beauty treatment you’ll love. We have everything – from affordable treats to decadent luxuries. Once you’ve tried our services, you’ll wonder why you don’t spoil yourself a little more often! So, how to spoil yourself with beauty treatments? Here are some delights you can try for yourself.

  • Get a professional massage. It is relaxing and rejuvenating. Massage therapy is affordable and comes with several benefits including pain relief, reduction of anxiety and stress and it improves blood circulation.
  • Hire a makeup artist. Even if you don’t have to attend any special occasions, getting your makeup done can instantly make you feel a lot better and of course, gorgeous too!
  • Pedicure/manicure. Your nails deserve some treat! We offer different nail treatments for you to choose. Choose something that will make you smile.
  • Facial treatments. We have different facial treatments, each designed to treat different skin problems and suit different skin types. Make your skin feel fresh and rejuvenated.
  • Get tanned. If you are eager to get some tanned skin, this is the perfect time! You don’t have to get under the sun to have that bronzed, tanned skin – a visit to Active Skin Solutions will do the trick.

Active Skin Solutions Beauty SalonHow to spoil yourself with beauty treatments

Take some time for yourself and enjoy these beauty treatments. They will have you looking and feeling your best. Contact Helen at 0401 590 900 to make an appointment before the rush!