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37 Osmetti Drive, Kalgoorlie,
0401 590 900

Where can I get Go30 Nails in the outback?

Go30 nails at Active Skin Solutions Beauty SalonFeel like pampering your nails? If you haven’t given your nails the pampering they deserve, it’s high time you should. Beautiful nails are a simple thing that you can do for YOU.

As women, we spend hours looking after our families, husbands, partners, children, pets, parents, friends, community but when was the last time you had some YOU time?

Having your nails done makes you feel special and it’s a really affordable pick me that lasts.

Go30 nails are for you

For your manicure and pedicure, wouldn’t it be great to try Go30 nails? Go30 nail is the latest craze today offering you the best, long lasting nail add colour now you have the perfect nails even if you have short or bitten nails!

For Go30 nails, visit Active Skin Solutions. We are your beauty salon in Kalgoorlie offering a range of beauty treatments and salons, including Go30 nails.

Why have Go30 nails:

  • Faster and cheaper than acrylic nails
  • Eliminates the risk of damage nail beds
  • Rectifies previous nail damage
  • Last longer
  • Prevent you getting to your nails – so no bitting
  • Natural looking, nobody will know about it!

Check out Active Skin Solutions Go30 nails

At Active Skin Solutions perfect and beautiful nails are a phone call away!

Experience the difference with Go30 nails. You won’t be disappointed and will surely love the results.

Book your Go30 nails or have a full manicure with Helen at Active Skin Solutions. Call to make an appointment on 0401 590 900.

Yes, you deserve a little me time too.