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How a massage can pamper you?

Massage - be pampered at Active Skin Solutions Beauty SalonYou might have been wondering what are the benefits you can get from a massage or how does it pamper you? Here are the 5 benefits you can get with from a massage:

  1. Alleviates chronic pain
  2. Promote better sleep
  3. Relieves mild depression
  4. Boost your immunity
  5. Improve blood circulation

Alleviates chronic pain

Massage can reduce the causes of chronic back, shoulder and neck pain which can regenerate a healthy lifestyle. Massage relaxes muscle tissuethat eases painful contractions and spasms. Massage also relieves nerve compression by relaxing your muscles and allowing the nerves to return to their natural position, improving functions of muscles and organs.

Massage can improve some symptoms associated with both organs and muscles without the need for drugs or other forms of pain relief as they can destroy the tissues in your body after years of using.

Promote better sleep

Many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep or to stay asleep. After getting massage, your hormone levels change allowing you a more profound relaxation. Get regular massage therapy to induce deeper and more restful sleep.

Relieves mild depression

Applying pressure to the skin changes our biochemistry and lowers our cortisol levels or stress hormone. With high cortisol level, many kinds of imbalance can occur in the system like feelings of depression

Massage therapy can help to regulate your hormone levels, creating more relaxed, improved state of your mental and physical wellbeing. For many people massage can help relieve mild depression symptoms.

Boost your immunity

Massage increases you blood flow and helps your body eliminate waste products, this can help be your defense against bacteria and viruses making your more likely to be able to resist these attacks.

Massage, even in a light, gentle touch, can fight off against pathogens by allowing the lymphatic system to drain the wastes from your body.

Improve blood circulation

Massage can improve blood and lymph circulation due to the physical manipulation of soft tissues. Good circulation enhances the flow of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells, making thecells function more efficiently which leads to removal of waste and reduction of swelling in soft tissues.

How a massage can pamper you?

Remember that massage goes much deeper than just pampering.

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