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Benefits of having a spray tan

Sunescape Spray TanningYou probably know that looking tan is the hottest and latest accessory you can wear now. Whether it’s right or wrong, the pale, white, look sickly colour is out. Why, everyone looks better with some colour on!

Getting tan made easy!

What’s your idea of getting tan? Does it involve staying under the hot baking sun for long hours? Well, this sounds effective but baking under the sun all day can be bad for your skin. The harsh heat and UV Rays can damage your skin cells and tissues which in turn, can create certain skin problems, potential for skin cancers and other skin conditions. You will also age your skin and make you look old before your time.

What to do? Spray tan is the perfect answer.

Spray tanning can get you that beautiful bronze glow in an instant – no more staying under the sun.

What is a spray tan?

This is a form of self tanning in which a fine mist is sprayed onto your body. With a spray tan, you will look like you have spent hours in the sunshine – as if you’ve just taken a beach holiday for a month but it is so much safer. Gorgeous colour safely and you choose how dark or light you would like to go.

The benefits of having a spray tan

Having a spray tan has several benefits which include:

  • Give your skin a natural, healthy glow
  • It can accentuate your feature and make you look slimmer
  • Look good all year round
  • Sunkissed skin without experiencing UV rays damage
  • Even out any imperfections and make you look flawless
  • Quick and convenient – you can have your bronze skin in a treatment that only takes approx15 minutes

Make yourself look radiant and feel fantastic from inside out; get your tan the proper way with spray tan.

For spray tans right here in Kalgoorlie, go to Active Skin Solutions, call Helen on 041 590 900 and book your lovely tan today.